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types of passes

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here are the types of passes you can make in netball

Shoulder pass -- Flat, hard pass. Step forward with left foot (if ball is held in right hand)with ball held high and push the ball straight ahead from the shoulder. Hand behind the ball and follow through with fingers pointing in the direction of the pass, eye on the receiver and head up.
Chest pass-- Flat pass. Using both hands, fingers behind the ball, thumbs touching and with elbows in push through while stepping forward with either foot.
Overhead--High pass. Release ball from above head, while stepping forward (footwork rule). Power from wrist to the elbow.
Push pass--Associated with bounce pass. Starts at waist, hand behind the ball pushing from the waist and stepping forward, follow through with fingers pointing in the direction fo the pass.
Bounce pass--Low pass used over a short distance to feed the circle. Release is low, push towards receiver, fingers pointing to the ground. This pass should note raise above the ground.
Lob--Power and speed. Ball held high, step forward and push form the waist, angling the ball up.