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netballer's How-To

All about netball

All about netball
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'Nicknamed'  "Women's Basketball", Netball has developed into a hugely popular game amongst women, and is rapidly growing in popularity with men.

Netball is a team game, played by two teams of seven players.
The aim of the game is to score more goals than your opposition.
A bit like basketball but not as rough.
There's more passing too, because you can't run with the ball.
Speed, strategy, team work and co-ordination are essential skills for netball.
It's about running, jumping, throwing, catching, attacking, defending, scoring goals and stopping goals.
Netball is one of the most popular participation sports in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and South Africa.
It is growing in popularity throughout the world.

The Basics

As you can see, netball is played with seven players on each team on a court that is divided into three sections, plus two goal circles and a centre circle.

Netball Court Image
Diagram courtesy of the
IFNA website.

The following is a list of positions and what each one does:

Posn Full name Court Coverage Shoot? Opposn
GS Goal Shooter Goal third plus goal Yes GK
GA Goal Attack 2 thirds (goal and centre) & goal Yes GD
WD Wing Defence 2 thirds, not goal No WD
C Centre Entire court with the exception of goals No C
WD Wing Defence As per WA except at opposite end of court No WA
GD Goal Defence As per GA except at opposite end of court No GA
GK Goal Keeper As per GS except at opposite end of court No GS

Basically the object of the game is to get the ball from the centre (where the action starts) to one of the goalies (i.e. GS or GA) in the goal circle and for them to shoot a goal which is worth one point.

The ball returns to the centre after each goal and the centres of each team take it in turns throwing the ball off.

You can take one step with the ball but must throw it before you put the next foot down again.

There is no dribbling (except by the male spectators who are just there for the short skirts).

You can defend the ball from three feet away from the person who has the ball. Any closer than this, or if you contact the player you give away a free. 

We hope you'll enjoy your game! (: